Ultrasonic stencil cleaners.

Enviroguard closed loop recycling system.

440-R SMT detergent.

Flying probe test systems & MDA testers.

Solder reflow  and curing ovens. Thick film, packaging, brazing and annealing furnaces.

Bench top and in-line dispense systems. Stand alone pumps/valves.

Lead forming equipment.

Selective solder systems.

High definition inspection camera systems.

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Batch & in-line vapor phase reflow systems.

Vacuum vapor phase.

Flexible and high speed pick & place solutions.

Thru-Hole Insertion

Uflex automation

EKRA Printers.

Automated depaneling systems.

Board handling solutions & laser marking cells.


High resolution x-ray systems with 3D CT capabilities.

Automatic X-ray Component Counter.

Solder paste, wire, flux, bar, solder preforms and dross reclamation services.

Automatic compliant PCB support tooling.

Rigid, Flex & Rigid-Flex PCBs

Modular ARLINK workstations . Industrial benches and rugged Lista cabinets.

Reliability Testing (SIR) Systems and Services.

Bench top depaneling for scored and tab routed boards.

2D & 3D Automated OpticaI Inspection systems.

In-line SPI.