Batch & in-line vapor phase reflow systems.

Vacuum vapor phase.

Automatic Component Counter.

Modular ARLINK workstations . Industrial benches and rugged Lista cabinets.

Bench top depaneling for scored and tab routed boards.

Solder paste, wire, flux, bar, solder preforms and dross reclamation services.

Gensonic stencil cleaner.

Solder Saver dross removal tool.

Ionic cleanliness test systems.

Conformal coat dip and spray booth systems.

Bench top and in-line dispense systems. Stand alone pumps/valves.

Lead forming equipment.

High resolution x-ray systems with 3D CT capabilities.

Flexible and high speed pick & place solutions.

Thru-Hole Insertion

Uflex automation

Automatic compliant PCB support tooling.

Selective solder and lead tinning systems. 

Lead tinning services.

Ultrasonic stencil cleaners.

Enviroguard closed loop recycling system.

440-R SMT detergent.

BGA inspection systems.

High definition inspection camera systems.

Flying probe test systems & MDA testers.

EKRA Printers.

Automated depaneling systems.

Board handling solutions & laser marking cells.

Cost effective x-ray systems.

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Precision SMD rework systems. BGA re-balling and QFN pre-bumbing solutions.

Solder reflow  and curing ovens. Thick film, packaging, brazing and annealing furnaces.


Bench top 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) systems. Manual & automatic.

2D & 3D Automated OpticaI Inspection systems.

In-line SPI.